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KBZ132860-Roll Center/Bump Steer-Correction Kit

KBZ132860-Roll Center/Bump Steer-Correction Kit

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Whenever you lower your vehicle, it is wise to get a quality Front Roll Center Adjustment Kit, like the one from . This particular roll center kit consists of 2 steering arm tie rod ends, 2 ball joints, and it will help correct your suspension geometry by raising the front roll-center geometry after you have lowered your vehicle. This will help improve on the original bump-steer geometry as well for improved handling and to make the most out of the rest of the suspension on your vehicle. How this works is that the ball joints are physically longer when compared to the OEM units. Once installed into the control arm, it will push the control arm down to keep the factory suspension geometry settings as close to OEM as possible. Additionally, the tie rod ends included in this kit are taller when compared to the OEM units and will come with heavy-duty boot covers for heat resistance near the brake rotors. supplies new castle nuts and new pins to make the Front Roll Center Kit ready for the installation.

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