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Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 750ml

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 750ml

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traces their roots back to the 1880s, to the heart of Henderson Kentucky. Peerless Whiskey was founded by a businessman with a bold personality Henry Kraver, who revived the brand from the brink of ruin in the late 1880s. Under Kravers guidance, rose from the ashes, increasing production 25-fold. But the growth of the brand was subsequently stunted by the very unforgiving era of Prohibition. Now, a century later, Peerless Whiskey is in the hands of Kravers great-grandson Corky Taylor and great-great-grandson Carson Taylor. Keeping Kravers legacy alive, the duo has resurrected the brand, even distilling under the original Distilled Spirits Plant number, DSP-KY-50 in a centuries-old warehouse in downtown Louisville, near the Ohio River. Two years after releasing its flagship 2-year-old inaugural straight rye has launched its first bourbon. Crafted onsite from grain to bottle, Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn used a sweet mash process and non-chill filtration to craft this landmark release for the brand. Most bourbon on the market today is sour mash— cooked with a bit of already fermented grains (and the consistent yeast and bacteria included) from a previous distillation cycle. In contrast, sweet mashbourbon uses a freshly cultured batch of yeast each time. The launch of our bourbon marks the realization of so many dreams from the team at Kentucky Peerlesssays Caleb Kilburn. Aged four years this new release is bottled at a low barrel proof 108.9, a factor of both a low distillation proof and a low barrel entry proof, setting this bourbon apart from the crowd. Pick up your bottle today!

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