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Kid Comfort Pro Carrier

Kid Comfort Pro Carrier

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When the heaviest part of your pack list is an untenable tyke it s best to break out the reserve forces of child-carrying. s Kid Comfort Pro Carrier has all of the technical features necessary to keep your little one close when you take them outside from long day hikes to adventures travelling to the coast or maybe the mountains. This Pro Carrier includes features like a sun shade to shield your tiny genius from the rays of the death star high back seating for comfort and a detachable rear-view mirror so you can check for signs of sleep without disturbance. The Kid Comfort Pro Carrier promises comfort on longer adventures and features like foot holsters so your little one can stretch their legs. Fully adjustable shoulder straps hip belt and torso length allow either parent to don the pack with load adjustment straps for dialing in on the perfect weight balance. An integrated daypack is the perfect option for stashing everything from emergency diapers to fruit snacks and everything in between and it can be easily attached to the chest straps for en route access. A sturdy aluminum frame allows easy maneuvering when this pack is not on your back and it s equipped with a kickstand so you can set it all down and take a well-earned break. If you have an independent tyke they can climb in all by themselves with the side access available. Ergonomic cushioning and mesh ventilation are in place for both you and your babe thanks to s Aircomfort Sensic Vario System so you ll both stay cool and comfortable. Your mini-me might even be so comfy that they fall asleep mid-hike.

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