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Kidsalarm Blue

Kidsalarm Blue

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Even if you arent a morning person, this clock will put a smile on your lips at the start of the day. The five different animal sounds and the corresponding brightly colored magnet animals make waking up a treat. These friendly voices are all nature recordings of real animals – providing loads of fun for wide-awake girls and boys. Oversleeping is a thing of the past – the wake up happy function features animal sounds that grow louder in three stages to wake even the biggest sleepy-head. To check the time in the middle of the night, simply press a button to light up the colorful clock face. The same button also activates the snooze function that gives you another delicious five-minute doze after the alarm goes off. Animal sounds (alarm tones): rooster, cat, dog, pig, elephant Please note: This clock contains small parts and is not suitable for children under the age of five. The headquarter is located in Hallbergmoos, Germany. Since 2001, has been developing, manufacturing and selling alarm, cuckoo and special wall clocks, featuring authentic recordings of birdsongs, animal sounds, Christmas carols and childrens songs. To hear the time is, what drives them.

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