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Kilo5k Rangefinder

Kilo5k Rangefinder

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The Sig Sauer KILO5K HD Rangefinder Monocular, model number SOK5K705, is a powerful and versatile tool for measuring distances accurately in the field. With a maximum reflective range of 5,000 yards, this laser rangefinder monocular is designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts and hunters who require precise measurements. Equipped with the Gen II LightWave DSP engine, the KILO5K offers enhanced target modes, including Extended Range (XR) and Fog mode, ensuring reliable performance in various weather conditions. The segmented OLED display provides essential information such as range to target, elevation holdover, and wind holds, allowing for quick and accurate shots. What sets the KILO5K apart from its competitors is its compatibility with various external devices. With Applied Ballistics Ultralite onboard, this rangefinder supports BDX External (BDX-X) connectivity, enabling seamless integration with devices like Kestrel and Garmin. This feature allows for real-time ballistic calculations and enhances the overall shooting experience. Additionally, the KILO5K can be connected to the BaseMap app, allowing remote waypoints to be dropped on ranged targets. Furthermore, it is fully configurable with the SIG SAUER BDX App, providing complete control and customization options. The KILO K Series rangefinders leverage Low Energy/Long Range Bluetooth 5.x, ensuring multipoint Bluetooth connections and improved connectivity to BDX-enabled riflescopes and sights. This advanced connectivity feature makes the KILO5K a versatile and future-proof investment. The package includes a black/grey carry pouch and a lanyard, ensuring convenient and secure transportation. With its exceptional range, advanced features, and seamless connectivity capabilities, the Sig Sauer KILO5K HD Rangefinder Monocular is the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters seeking accurate and reliable distance measurements.

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