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Kings 14 Piece, 7" Real Life Nativity Set

Kings 14 Piece, 7" Real Life Nativity Set

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The baby Jesus can be placed in Mary s arms or placed in the Manger. Each of the resin piece is meticulously hand painted The set includes Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the Manger, the Shepherd boy and sheep, the older Shepherd and lamb, the 3 Kings and the Christmas Star Also included are chests filled with real 23k Gold, pure Frankincense and authentic Myrrh along with Certificate of Authenticity and Display card The beautiful and colourful 14 piece Real Life Nativity is rich in intricate detail and dramatic facial expressions that bring the story of Jesus birth to life. The tallest pieces (the Angel, Joseph and the tallest king) stand approx. 7 inches high. Included in this keepsake quality set are Chests filled with real Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh along with a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the gold (the gift brought by Melchior that鈥檚 floats inside a glass bottle) is real 23k and that Frankincense and Myrrh are pure and from the very same regions as the gifts brought by Balthazar (frankincense) and Caspar (myrrh). Also included is a gold embossed Display Card that tells the story of the Original Gifts of Christmas. A Nativity to be treasured for a lifetime.

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